¿A qué hace referencia con la idea de “chocolates personalizados en Medellín”?

Personalized Chocolates

Personalized Chocolates

Color Cacao brings to Colombia a new convincing proposal about the top trending topics worldwide, about chocolatery, not only in regards to flavor, but in design, flexible even to collaborate with brands, creating corporate chocolates.

What do we mean with the idea of ““personalized chocolates in Medellín”??

Color Cacao comes from a brilliant mind and a passion for culinary arts, very typical of its creator, it’s centered in reinterpreting absolutely all the experiences and knowledge derived from her experience in France, to bring those product to the Colombian context and captivate us with its exquisite knowledge that conjugates the artisan element with the flavors of a tropical culture, under the appearance of its innovative presentations.

Personalized Chocolates in Medellín will be a bet to captivate the palate of all the clients, through the incorporation of visual elements at the same time that allow them to connect directly with a specific message. Such is the case of corporate chocolates, which work together with several enterprises for the events that those have in and out of their specific context, recreating in their consumers the essence of those companies through the tasting of a flavor that they will never forget: handcrafted chocolate.

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