Cacao de Origen Chigorodo

Altitude: 34 masl
Temperature: 28ºC
Region: Urabá

Single Origin CHIGORODO


Chigorodó is a warm Colombian territory with large fresh rivers and up to 30 meters of plantation above sea level.

In this diverse territory in the middle of the Urabá region in Antioquia, a group of farmers returned to their lands after several years of war displacement. With the uncertainty of the future, they recovered their territories and found a life alternative in cocoa. This is how Acefuver was born, led by Victor Manuel García, who brings together previously displaced peasants that have fled the civil and narcos war, indigenous people, Afro community, and disabled people in a common passion to rescue the fine cocoa of the area and be able to offer Colombia and the world a sweet experience.




82000 inhabitants



Distance to Medellín

7 h 29 min ( 294 km)

Varietals – Trinitario – Criollo


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