Cacao de Origen Necocli

Altitude: 34 masl
Temperature: 31°

Single Origin NECOCLÍ


Necoclí, in Urabá, Antioquia, once was the scene of violent narco gangs. The municipality welcomed cocoa as a solution to the armed conflict. Their communities found hope in cocoa, that provides them with decent work and better living conditions.


This region is located in a wild environment of the Caribbean Sea, being an ideal place for fine cocoa beans. Its natural wealth, heat and humid environment make this product a delicate experience.


Necoclí has two mud volcanoes, nine magnificent beaches that bathe in the Caribbean and the Marimonda swamp, considered the largest freshwater mirror in Antioquia. It can be said that this territory is a special destination for adventurous tourists, settlers, naturalists, gastronomic, wellness or strongly attracted by the Caribbean culture.




62365 inhabitants



Distance to Medellín

8h 55min ( 382 km )

Varietals – Trinitario – Criollo


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