Cacao de Origen Maceo

Cacao de Origen Maceo

Altitude: 950 masl
Harvest Seasons: Oct – Jan

Single Origin MACEO


Maceo, one of the areas with the greatest cocoa culture in Antioquia, is a temperate climate territory with up to 1300 meters plantations over sea level and a variety of ecosystems. In this land of wild jaguars, roaming through the mountain system, magic places such as the Magdalena River and the Cordillera Central, can be found.


Here, we highlight the work of Don Evelio Gonzalez, a producer of Asocama. For more than 25 years, thanks to his passion and dedication overcoming the difficulties of agriculture, Don Evelio has dedicated much of his life to the investigation, which resulted in the development of cocoa clones, where all the characteristics of the region stand out.


In Maceo’s cocoa beans the typical chocolate aroma can be delighted, and we can find subtle nuances of tobacco, nutty and honey, along with a little spice.


Magdalena Medio


8221 inhabitants



Distance to Medellín

2H 19 min (135 km)

Varietals Trinitario – Criollo


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